Trekking Caleta Gonzalo

South Section Pumalín Park

Day 1:

Transfer Santa Bárbara / Caleta Gonzalo. A private transfer will take us to the Pumalín Park, but before we will go to see the destruction of the old Chaitén city by the ash of Chaitén Volcano. We will have box lunch in Chaitén and later we will head to Caleta Gonzalo our base. During this drive you’ll be able to appreciate beautiful landscapes of the southern highway (Carretera Austral). But also the most impressive sight  will be the active Chaitén volcano and his piroplasto field of destruction (temperate rain forest before ), we will stop to explore around and have great views of the volcano  Once we arrive at Caleta Gonzalo we will proceed to make ourselves comfortable in the cabins and  enjoy a homemade dinner  at the Cafeteria

Day 2:

Breakfast early in the morning. This morning we stay around Caleta Gonzalo to appreciate its surroundings and to visit their Organic Agricultural Development, unique to Pumalín Park. After lunch, we will visit a different area to explore trail in the forest. These trails will take us through impressive water fall of this temperate rain forest amazing native forest like the Alerce; also we are going to appreciate wonderful views of the whole area. We will return to our base for another exquisite dinner.

Day 3:

After breakfast we will take a fast boat and we will enjoy a sea lions rookery later in a few minutes we will stay at Pillán fjord. This is the place where most of the people work and live at Pumalín Project. We will visit a factory dedicated to produce honey and some organic agricultures project. We have the possibility to hike 3 hours (easy) to Leptepu. This is the South border of Comau fjord the main fjord in North Pumalín. Here we will visit by boat the Porcelain hot springs and Vodudahue Valley. A great area of research and development of native tree species (weather permitted). At the end we will come back to Leptepu to get a ride by vehicle to our boat who is waiting for us to take us back to Caleta Gonzalo. Dinner at the cafeteria.

Day 4:

We will have breakfast early in the morning, before we start our retreat of the Pumalín Park. A van will be waiting to drive us to the town of Chaitén. At one point we will stop for a short walk of 15 minutes that takes us through a forest to some of the oldest arboreal species in the planet, the ALERCE, with some trees topping three thousand years of age. Don’t forget to take your camera! Afterwards the van will continue heading for the airport in Chaitén and our flight to Puerto Montt and Santiago.

Optional Day (Day 5):

Hose back riding to El Amarillo Glacier:

We will drive heading to the Amarillo area in Pumalín Park South border. As we get close to the point where we say well by to our transfer and start our horseback ride to the glacier at the base of the Michimahuida volcano. We will ride for around 5 hours to get close to the glacier and comeback in around 3 hours. We will come back to el Puma Verde. Dinner free.

Activity Location


  • Season: All year long

  • Lenght: 4 Days / 3 Nights

  • Departure: 9:00AM

  • Minimum: 2 Passengers

  • Requirements: No special requirement

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$SVPer Person