Alsur Expediciones makes trips and expeditions throughout the national territory. We have chosen the best locations for our clients.

Come and find out why people keep coming back year after year. Gather your family, friends or come alone, pack your bags and let us help you with your plan of your trip to the great Chilean or Argentine Patagonia. It doesn’t matter if you want to hike in the temperate rainforests of Northern Patagonia in Pumalín Park or travel to the high plains of southern Patagonia in Valle Chacabuco or trekking in the famous Torres del Paine. Explore the Andean fjords of the coastal Patagonia of Pumalín Park while you paddle your kayak through the Andean channels, if these trips are your dream we can help you make them come true.

We are committed to excellence and in this way we can help you professionally and put all our knowledge at your disposal to plan your travel plan to any destination in Patagonia, Chile and Argentina.



We are an agency that seeks to offer a personalized service of quality and reliability, through personalized, fast and efficient attention, seeking to exceed the expectations of our clients with activities and services that are differentiated by their quality and their respect for the ecosystem.


We seek to promote the sustainable growth of the company, presenting innovative activities and services, generating the minimum environmental impact and a positive socio-cultural impact, promoting an environment of good relationships and obtaining the greatest satisfaction from our clients.


Sustainability Policy

We are “AlSur Expediciones” a Travel Agency located in Puerto Varas, in Lakes District, we operate mainly in Lakes District, but we have activities and services throughout Chile, we seek to generate a change in current tourism, raising awareness about the importance of the environment natural and cultural about the community, becoming an agent of change, improvement and development for the tourist destinations where we operate.

That is why we publicly commit ourselves to being an example to follow, complying with high sustainability standards, maintaining a high level of quality in the tourist services and products offered.

All our activities, excursions and services have the ecological vision incorporated into their planning and development, which allows us to exercise minimizing our environmental and social impact, incorporating the local community in the service process, and making known the sociocultural value of our tourist destinations in order that all our clients know and appreciate the Chile we love, its biodiversity, idiosyncrasies, traditions and customs.

All this makes the AAVV establish a commitment that responds to social and environmental demands that guarantee sustainable development based on the following principles:

  • We are against the exploitation of human beings in any of its forms, especially sexual and particularly when it affects children;
  • We provide equal employment opportunities to members of the local community without any discrimination;
  • Supply locally and sustainably, favoring products that are friendly to the environment
  • Offer the best quality of services possible; minimizing the negative impact that their tourism operations could have on the environment;
  • Contribute to the integral and economic development of the community and local well-being;
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of the tourist destination;
  • Restoration, conservation and protection of natural ecosystems and native biodiversity;
  • Restoration, conservation and protection of cultural heritage;
  • Minimize consumption and make efficient use of the water and energy resource;
  • Minimize the generation of waste and carry out responsible management; reduce the use of plastics and paper printing by 90%
  • Being an agent of change, encouraging the articulation of key actors in the tourist destination;
  • Encourage customers and suppliers to join in the effort to carry out their activities sustainably; emphasizing the importance of the ecosystem and biodiversity
  • Adhere to global codes and causes that contribute to the sustainable development of tourism;
  • Adhere to the principles of fair trade;
  • Respect for local communities and especially members of native peoples;
  • Ensure that the transport procedures carried out are as efficient as possible;
  • Provide relevant, current and genuine information to tourists and travelers.
  • Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

    We adhere to the principles of the code approved in 1999 by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization, this code is a set of principles created to guide all those who contribute to the development of tourism.

    • Article 1: Contribution of tourism to mutual understanding and respect between men and societies.
    • Article 2: Tourism, instrument of personal and collective development.
    • Article 3: Tourism, a factor of sustainable development.
    • Article 4: Tourism, factor for the use and enrichment of the cultural heritage of humanity.
    • Article 5: Tourism, a beneficial activity for the destination countries and communities.
    • Article 6: Obligations of tourism development agents.
    • Article 7: Right to tourism.
    • Article 8: Freedom of tourist movement.
    • Article 9: Rights of workers and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.
    • Article 10: Application of the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.


We adhere to the SERNATUR prevention program against the exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents:

We are based on the responsible tourist code drawn up by SERNATUR, as a way of raising awareness and granting sustainable attitudes of visitors towards the environment where we carry out our activities.

We invite you to read the code in the following link: