Hidrospeed Petrohué River

Come and enjoy one of the most adrenaline full activities on the Petrohue River. This activity consists on the descent of the Petrohué River on an individual board , having to overcome multiple river obstacles with audacity, surrounded by native forest and unique views of 4 volcanos, with all the security necessary for a great time.

The Photo service has a  $4.000 clp per person cost, reflex and  zoom de 70/300 to catch all of your soaked faces on camera

Activity Location


  • Difficulty: Medium – High

  • Season: All year long

  • Duration: Half Day

  • Departures: 08:30am to  3:30pm and 2:30pm to 7:30pm

  • Minimum age: 13 year old

  • Requirements:

    Must have good physical health for this activity. Must mention before the activity if you have any  health issues, like allergies , asthma,  diabetes, heart problems, epilepsy, other physical health issues.

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$45000Per Person