San Pedro de Atacama is located in the extreme north of Chile in the Antofagasta region, located at 3,159 meters above sea level, it has a population of approximately 11,000 inhabitants.This city has several tourist attractions in its vicinity, among them, we can mention the Salar de Aguas Calientes. The waters of the Salar come from the streams that run down the hills that surround the sector. The landscape from the viewpoint is impressive with its reddish and gray colors.

The city of San Pedro de Atacama was founded in 1450.

The highland lagoons of Miscanti and Meñique also stand out, both located at the foot of the Miscanti hill at 5,000 meters high, in the Los Flamencos National Reserve, a place where you can observe local fauna such as the culpeo fox, vicuñas, guanacos or the tuco- tuco from the puna. Due to its flora, this region is biogeographically called the High-Andean Steppe, which is characterized by the presence of small shrubs and cacti that cover the ground.

Continuing with the region’s must-see destinations is the El Tatio geyser field. Its name comes from the Kunza language, the language of the Atacameño people, “Tata-iu”, which means “the grandfather who cries”. This site is made up of around 80 geysers where the water rises at 86 ° c (186.8 ° f).

Another unmissable place is The Valley of the Moon where we can appreciate the immensity of the desert in its transversal valleys, its warm colors and the imposing Domeyko mountain range. This valley lives up to its name by transporting us to another planet, a scene worthy of a science fiction movie in a galaxy far away.

Touring these places is a unique experience which we invite you to do with us.